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Re: How to cross-compile

fuzzyhypothesis@yahoo.com a écrit :
> All,
> Actually I was looking for something like what SAMBA does (has a --with-hostcc
> option with its configure script).
> This option in SAMBA allows for the pre-compiled helper tools to be compiled on
> the native system (intel) while the CC flag is set to the cross-compiler
> (PowerPC).
> Right now I am trying to run the configure script with these options:
>     ./configure --build=i686-pc-linux-gnulibc2.3 --host=powerpc-wrs-linux-gnu
> --enable-bigendian --disable-afs-support --disable-berkeley-db CC=<path to PPC
> CC compiler> LD=<path to PPC LD>
> From reading the configure --help it indicates that it can do cross-compiling. 
> But I do not see any support for specifying the native compiler.  Only the
> --build & --host options.
AFAIK, you don't have to use an explicit option for this, configure is
supposed to be smart enough to find your cross-compiler when using the
--host switch, see http://www.lrde.epita.fr/~adl/dl/autotools.pdf, slide
25. I guess this merely depends on your cross-compiling toolchains being
installed properly.

Guillaume Rousse
Moyens Informatiques - INRIA Futurs
Tel: 01 69 35 69 62