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libraries only build?

I build Heimdal just so I can use the libraries for linking against, but 
I've not found a good way to specify this is what I want via configure. 
For example, my process right now is:

configure         --sysconfdir=/etc \
        --enable-shared \
        --enable-pthread-support \
        --with-openssl=$(ZIMBRA_HOME)/openssl-$(OPENSSL_VERSION) \
        --disable-berkeley-db \
        --disable-ndbm-db \
        --disable-afs-support \
        --without-readline \
        --without-openldap \
        --without-hesiod \
        --without-ipv6; \

Then manually:

        cd $(HEIMDAL_SOURCE)/include; $(MAKE) $(MAKEARGS); \
        cd $(HEIMDAL_SOURCE)/lib/roken; $(MAKE) $(MAKEARGS); \
        cd $(HEIMDAL_SOURCE)/lib/vers; $(MAKE) $(MAKEARGS); \
        cd $(HEIMDAL_SOURCE)/lib/com_err; $(MAKE) $(MAKEARGS); \
        cd $(HEIMDAL_SOURCE)/lib/asn1; $(MAKE) $(MAKEARGS); \
        cd $(HEIMDAL_SOURCE)/lib/editline; $(MAKE) $(MAKEARGS); \
        cd $(HEIMDAL_SOURCE)/lib/sl; $(MAKE) $(MAKEARGS); \
        cd $(HEIMDAL_SOURCE)/lib/hcrypto; $(MAKE) $(MAKEARGS); \
        cd $(HEIMDAL_SOURCE)/lib/hx509; $(MAKE) $(MAKEARGS); \
        cd $(HEIMDAL_SOURCE)/lib/krb5; $(MAKE) $(MAKEARGS); \
        cd $(HEIMDAL_SOURCE)/lib/ntlm; $(MAKE) $(MAKEARGS); \
        cd $(HEIMDAL_SOURCE)/lib/gssapi; $(MAKE) $(MAKEARGS);

Which is somewhat tedious, as I have to adjust which directories I need to 
build just to get the libraries when the release bump.  Is there a simpler 
way to do this that I've missed?



Quanah Gibson-Mount
Principal Software Engineer
Zimbra, Inc
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