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heimdl 1.2rc1


I just dropped the first release candidate for Heimdal 1.2, please test.



Release Notes - Heimdal - Version Heimdal 1.2

* Bug

   [HEIMDAL-10] - Follow-up on bug report for SEGFAULT in
   		 gss_display_name/gss_export_name when using SPNEGO
   [HEIMDAL-15] - Re: [Heimdal-bugs] potential bug in Heimdal 1.1
   [HEIMDAL-17] - Remove support for depricated [libdefaults]capath
   [HEIMDAL-52] - hdb overwrite aliases for db databases
   [HEIMDAL-54] - Two issues which affect credentials delegation
   [HEIMDAL-58] - sockbuf.c calls setsockopt with bad args
   [HEIMDAL-62] - Fix printing of sig_atomic_t
   [HEIMDAL-87] - heimdal 1.1 not building under cygwin in hcrypto
   [HEIMDAL-105] - rcp: sync rcp with upstream bsd rcp codebase

* Improvement

   [HEIMDAL-67] - Fix locking and store credential in atomic writes
                  in the FILE credential cache
   [HEIMDAL-106] - make compile on cygwin again

* New Feature

   [HEIMDAL-3] - pkinit alg agility PRF test vectors
   [HEIMDAL-14] - Add libwind to Heimdal
   [HEIMDAL-16] - Use libwind in hx509
   [HEIMDAL-55] - Add flag to krb5 to not add GSS-API INT|CONF to
                  the negotiation
   [HEIMDAL-74] - Add support to report extended error message back
                  in AS-REQ to support windows clients

* Task

   [HEIMDAL-63] - Dont try key usage KRB5_KU_AP_REQ_AUTH for TGS-REQ.
                  This drop compatibility with pre 0.3d KDCs.
   [HEIMDAL-64] - kcm: first implementation of kcm-move-cache
   [HEIMDAL-65] - Failed to compile with --disable-pk-init
   [HEIMDAL-80] - verify that [VU#162289]: gcc silently discards some
                  wraparound checks doesn't apply to Heimdal