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Re: kinit and Windows Server 2008

Ulf Ekberg wrote:
> I've been using the ktpass command that came with the 2008
> distribution. While that ktpass command appears to read the
> attribute to determine the kvno, it no longer increments the kvno
> when you generate a keytab file. Looking at the msDS-KeyVersionNumber
> attribute, it doesn't change after running ktpass, not even if
> you explicitly specify /kvno on the ktpass command line.
> When asked about this possible problem with ktpass (at least,
> it's a change from 2003), Microsoft just said that the ktpass
> command isn't supported.
ktpass no longer changes the kvno when generating a keytab because it 
kvno should only change if a new key is generated.

In general, the /kvno switch should just be ignored.  It doesn't set the 
kvno in
AD, it simply permits you to lie about the kvno in the keytab which is 

With the 2008 ktpass you can generate keytabs for each of the enctypes that
Server 2008 supports so that all of the enctypes are available to 
services that
rely on keytabs. 

ktpass is a rather crappy tool and in theory it can be 
replicated/replaced without the
assistance of Microsoft.  I don't know who you have been talking with at 
but as far as the folks I talk to, ktpass is supported.  They certainly 
have tried to fix
enough bugs in it over the last year.

Jeffrey Altman
Secure Endpoints Inc.

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