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Re: libss collision ( for from FSH compliance)

> Has there been any more thought about this? What I'm doing in
> the meantime is patching Heimdal to install the libss library
> and header, but with different names (libss_krb, or something
> like that).
> Anyway, that's a hack, but it works and it cleans up the
> conflict with the E2fsprogs version of the library. I'd be
> happy to provide a patch to configure.in and Makefile.am
> that would look for and use the system-installed version of
> the libss library, but I'd like to know what functions are
> actually being used from the library so that it can be tested
> at configure time for compatibility.
> Is there any desire to continue to try and resolve the issue?

  Heimdal already check for system com_err library, and the
e2fs programs (both compile_et and libcomerr) are compatible
with heimdal.

I'll drop libss when I get close to an emacs.