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Re: libss collision ( for from FSH compliance)

On 2008/05/03 18:36, Björn Schlögl wrote:

> for gentoo this has been solved by patching the heimdal source so that libss 
> is not compiled but libsl uses e2fsprogs's version of libss.

I attach the Gentoo patch for reference.

Thanks to this discussion, I now understand one more of the Gentoo 
patches, and with no effort on my part :-)

The patch has been in use at least since Heimdal 0.7.2. Has anybody from 
Gentoo reported that to anybody related to Heimdal?

By the way, e2fsprogs are patched and split in Gentoo to three packages, 
  com_err, ss, and e2fsprogs themselves. I wonder if anybody has 
suggested that approach to the e2fsprogs developers (but that probably 
is not a question to ask here).

With best regards
				Honza Macháček
Index: heimdal/lib/sl/Makefile.am
--- heimdal.orig/lib/sl/Makefile.am
+++ heimdal/lib/sl/Makefile.am
@@ -12,38 +12,25 @@ YFLAGS = -d
 include_HEADERS = sl.h
-lib_LTLIBRARIES = libsl.la libss.la
+lib_LTLIBRARIES = libsl.la
 libsl_la_LDFLAGS = -version-info 2:1:2
-libss_la_LDFLAGS = -version-info 1:6:1
 libsl_la_LIBADD = @LIB_readline@
-libss_la_LIBADD = @LIB_readline@ @LIB_com_err@
 dist_libsl_la_SOURCES = sl_locl.h sl.c roken_rename.h
 nodist_libsl_la_SOURCES = $(ES)
-dist_libss_la_SOURCES = $(dist_libsl_la_SOURCES) ss.c ss.h
-nodist_libss_la_SOURCES = $(ES)
 TESTS = test_sl
 check_PROGRAMS = $(TESTS)	
 # install these?
-bin_PROGRAMS = mk_cmds
 noinst_PROGRAMS = slc
-mk_cmds_SOURCES = make_cmds.c make_cmds.h parse.y lex.l
-mk_cmds_LDADD = libsl.la $(LDADD)
 slc_SOURCES = slc-gram.y slc-lex.l slc.h
-ssincludedir = $(includedir)/ss
-ssinclude_HEADERS = ss.h
 CLEANFILES = snprintf.c strtok_r.c strdup.c strupr.c getprogname.c
-$(mk_cmds_OBJECTS): parse.h parse.c
 LDADD =						\
 	libsl.la				\
 	$(LIB_roken)				\