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Re: kadmin prompts for passwd

On 2008 May 16, at 14:24, Juha Jäykkä wrote:

> I have recently started suffering from a very nasty behaviour in  
> heimdal:
> kadmin prompts for password all, even with a valid foo/admin ticket.  
> As in

Er, that's how it's supposed to work and how it has always worked.  If  
you really do want to put your KDC at risk in the name of convenience,  
use "kinit -S kadmin/admin foo/admin" to get a ticket that will enable  
password-less kadmin (and likewise enable it for anyone who can get at  
your ticket file --- which is why kadmin prompts).

brandon s. allbery [solaris,freebsd,perl,pugs,haskell] allbery@kf8nh.com
system administrator [openafs,heimdal,too many hats] allbery@ece.cmu.edu
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