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Heimdal 1.2 bugs

So far I have discovered the following bugs in 1.2:

1. ftp corruption for files >= 2GB. Old, known, patch supplied years

   Workaround: configure --disable-mmap

2. Wrong enctype chosen when forwarding tickets from MacOSX with
   telnet or rsh.

This was observed wgen installing the supplied MacOSX package, but not
on my own compiled source, so this bug might be encryption library
dependent: When trying to forward tickets from MacOSX to Linux, the
ticket forwarding fails with a "size wrong" error. As I do not have a
Mac myself and it does not show on my Linux client, the debugging I
have been able to do has been limited. However, I can report that
Heimdal 1.1 works in this respect but has other problems on modern

  Bad Workaround: Force des-only keys in krb5.conf

3. kx is not able to open X11-windows with default settings. (MacOX only)

Due to X11 on Mac being slightly different than everywhere else, kx
seem to be unable to open windowns with DISPLAY=/tmp/launch-xxxx/:0

  Workaround: DISPLAY=:0 prior to start of kx/rxtelnet

This thread is supposed to be a summary of known bugs in Heimdal 1.2.
For comments on the actual bugs, please use the allready existing
threads (1),(3) or open a new one (2).