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Re: ftp 2GB file size limit bug (Was back in 2002: Bug in FTP/FTPD[PATCH supplied])

28 maj 2008 kl. 09.49 skrev Harald Barth:

>>> 1. ftp corruption for files >= 2GB. Old, known, patch supplied years
>>>  ago.
>>>  Workaround: configure --disable-mmap
>> Patch incorrect. Problem still exists on mapping too large areas.  
>> Need to use sliding window.
> Thanks for feedback on that patch (originally from thn), but why not
> make --disable-mmap default for this part of the code or just all
> places where mmap is used (which are not many)?

The mmap case was disable 2004-08-20 as part of the OOB security fix  
(that also needs a sliding window).