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Re: ftp 2GB file size limit bug

29 maj 2008 kl. 06.32 skrev Harald Barth:

>> Sorry, that was the ftpd.
>> http://www.h5l.org/fisheye/changelog/heimdal/?cs=23211
> contains
>            if (munmap (chunk, st.st_size) < 0)
> The chunk is not of size st.st_size, it's of size len, isn't it?

Thanks, fixed that.

> So, how much should we bother to get mmap() working? Yes, it seems to
> work if I replace st.st_size with len, but mmap() compared to read()
> has a almost non-measurable time difference (<5% when transfering a
> 2GB file at 31MB/sec I would call "equal" even if mmap() was the
> slightly slower one in my tests). So why do you want to keep mmap()?
> Code that is not there can not break. The bottleneck is probably
> somewhere else.

It does matter on other operating systems last time I measured it.