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Re: Anyone with Fedora RPM packages already?

On Tuesday 10 June 2008 07:57:33 Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> I just wanted to check if anybody has any .spec files for Fedora already
> built?
> I'm working on one using a spec from the OpenSUSE build farm, and the
> Mandriva spec, but any further examples would be much appreciated.

The Mandriva spec file should work if you are prepared to use the 
compatibility macros for Fedora/RedHat:

(linked from: 

The package builds on RHEL4 with these macros, I haven't got it building under 
RHEL5 (due to some compiler or glibc issue I haven't had enough time for, this 
is also preventing me from updating to 1.2 on cooker), 
but not due to the macros ...

If you have problems, let me know, I am prepared to look at integrating any 
changes required for Fedora as long as they don't break it on Mandriva (so, 
some thing may have to be put in conditionals).