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Re: Possible message multiplexing problem

On Jun 25, 2008, at 18:14, Michael B Allen wrote:
> So you can clearly see different pids (3303, 3307, 3301, ...) getting
> the same port (60994). Later on in the log (not shown below) the ports
> do start to change but still not correctly.

In this trace, it looks to me like it's happening serially -- one  
process closes its socket on 60994, and then another grabs that port.   
In that case, there should never be more than one process listening on  
the port at a time, and only one pending request on that port (from  
the client's point of view), though if retransmissions are happening,  
or someone is forging packets to mess with you, the listening process  
may see packets that aren't responses to its request.