YXA SIP software


What is needed?

Download the latest release, a snapshot or the latest and greatest from Github and install it by following the instructions in the README file.
Basically, you should just have to do "configure, make, make install" and then bootstrap your system using "yxa-bootstrap" (or yxa-bootstrap.sh, depending on version).

NOTE that different YXA releases require different versions of Erlang/OTP The src/README file always tells you which one you need.

This is a kind of certification that a specific version of YXA is known to work with a specific version of Erlang/OTP.

Where can it be found?


    Version   Release date   Erlang/OTP   Online documentation
    1.0   (2007-11-05)   R11B-2   README API
    1.0rc2   (2007-10-17)   R11B-4    
    1.0rc1   (2007-04-12)   R11B-4    
    0.91   (2006-03-21)   R10B-9    
    0.91pre1   (2006-03-07)   R10B-9    
    0.90   (2005-10-21)   R10B-6    
    0.90pre2   (2005-10-06)   R10B-6    
    0.90pre1   (2005-09-21)   R10B-6    


    You can download snapshots from the snapshots directory.
    Snapshots are made when new features have been added and no known problems exist.


    We use Git for version control.

    To access the source code repository, you need a Git client. There is both the standard 'git' command-line utility, or, if you are using Windows, the TortoiseGit client.

    The svn repository is at svn://anonsvn.it.su.se/yxa/trunk. To access it, do the following :

      $ git checkout git://github.com/fredrikt/yxa.git
    For building from the source code repository please see the README file (in short: run 'bootstrap' in the top level directory, then configure && make all test install).


    YXA is an open source project, and contributors are welcome.
    Subscribe to the YXA-devel mailing list (see the 'mailing list' tab) and if you want to supply a patch, make a GitHub fork of the project and send me (fredrikt) a pull request.

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