YXA SIP software

Mailing list

To get an e-mail whenever a new snapshot/release is made, subscribe to the moderated, low-volume Yxa-announce list.

To get in touch with the developers behind Yxa, subscribe to the un-moderated but currently quite low-volume Yxa-devel list. To read prior postings to this list, look in the mailing-lists archives.


Yxa was written by Magnus Ahltorp at KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan) in the end of 2002.
In Febuary 2003, Fredrik Thulin of SU (Stockholms universitet) joined in, working on new functionality and RFC compliance.


We have some statistics available, where you can see how the code has evolved over time.


Yxa is an open source project, and contributors are welcome.
Subscribe to the Yxa-devel mailing list (see above) and send patches using 'diff -u' format, preferably against the current CVS tree.

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