Unloading - with the crate the racks are 2.20m tall and gave the shipping company some problems. They had a lot of staff for all eventualities.


The racks on the crates were higher than our doors, so partial unpacking was done in the corridor.


The transport into our computer room passes under a lot of curious students' eyes.


Curious minds want to have a look at the new hardware. The invisible data is as follows: 2 Itanium-2 CPUs with 6 Gb of memory in every box add up to 180 CPUs and 540 Gb of RAM for the comlete system.


Björn and Lars dancing.


All six racks in place. Nice! The black nodes have a graphics card installed, an AGP slot instead of PCI-X is the internal difference.


Lars is now the master over six more racks of computing iron.