Passepartout: News items

2007, August 05: Release 0.7.0

0.7.0 is released!

Some of the changes:

  • Build against gtkmm-2.4/libgnomecanvasmm-2.6/libsigc++-2.0
  • Use the new FileChooserDialog.
  • Full screen mode.
  • Control scaling and shearing.

2007, July 01: Release 0.6.90

0.6.90 is a prerelease for 0.7.

2007, May 23: Passepartout in Gnome Bugzilla

You can now report Passepartout bugs in Gnome Bugzilla, thanks to Sven Herzberg.

2007, March 08: Patch against 0.6

A patch has been released that makes 0.6 build with GCC-4.0, gtkmm-2.4 and libgnomecanvasmm-2.6.

2007, March 01: Passepartout is not dead

We're just pining for the fjords and all that.

Read more in an archived mail.

2005, April 08: Atom feed

These news items are now available as an Atom feed as well as the RSS.

2004, November 17: Redesigned web pages

I have redesigned the web pages of Passepartout. Comments are welcome!

2004, November 12: Press coverage

The Passepartout 0.6 release was mentioned at FootNotes.

2004, November 12: Release 0.6

The Source code for Passepartout 0.6 is now released. New features include PDF and TrueType support.

2004, September 19: Anonymous cvs!

Thanks to Hans Insulander at Stacken, there is now a server giving anonymous access to the Passepartout cvs repository.

2004, May 11: Press coverage

The Passepartout 0.5 release was mentioned at FootNotes.

2004, May 10: Release 0.5

The Source code for Passepartout 0.5 is now released. We now use libgnomecanvasmm for the on-screen rendering.

2004, May 07: Passepartout mailing list added to Gmane

The Passepartout mailing list is now archived as well as available through NNTP.

2004, March 31: AbiWord plugin

David Bolack has written an xml2ps export plugin for AbiWord. It is in the AbiWord CVS repository.

2004, January 16: Press coverage

The Passepartout 0.4 release was mentioned at FootNotes.

2004, January 15: FAQ updated

New questions (and answers) have been added to the FAQ.

2004, January 15: Release 0.4

The Source code for Passepartout 0.4 is now released. The main change is compatibility with libxml++ 1.0.0

2003, December 08: libxml++

Version 0.28.0 of libxml++ has been released. Due to API changes, Passepartout 0.3 will not build with this version. We may consider releasing a patch at a later date.

2003, December 03: New web look

There's a new design for the passepartout web pages. Tell us if you like it, or if it's seriously broken on any browser! :-)

2003, November 26: Links page

Added a page with links to things related to Passepartout.

2003, November 24: RSS feed

These news items are now available as an RSS feed.

2003, November 21: Press coverage

Passepartout was mentioned at FootNotes again.
Update: And at Gnuheter.

2003, November 20: Release 0.3

The source code for Passepartout release 0.3 (release-notes) is now available for download.

Changes include multiple views, XSLT parameters, fake antialiasing, and more

2003, October 31: RPM packages

Charles Iliya Krempe has made an RPM for Mandrake Linux 9.2, while Dag Wieers' RPM for RedHat 9.0 has been around for a while.

The Passepartout team has not tested these packages and cannot comment on their quality.

2003, September 20: Mailing lists

We have created two mailing lists, for announcements and general discussion regarding passepartout.

2003, September 12: Gentoo ebuild

Revised the ebuild (for Gentoo systems) to apply both patches.

2003, September 12: Patch

Passepartout 0.2 will segfault if you are using version 2.5.8 or later of libxml2. Here is a patch for that problem. Credit goes to Ayose Cazorla León!

2003, September 09: Press coverage

Passepartout was mentioned on FootNotes!

2003, June 26: Patch

Some people have reported that GCC complains about assert being undeclared. Here is a patch for this problem. Apply with patch -p1 < passepartout-0.2-assert.patch from the root of the unpacked tarball.

2003, June 19: Gentoo ebuild

Added an unofficial ebuild for Gentoo systems. Revised on July 22

2003, June 19: Release!

Version 0.2 of Passepartout is released!

Read more information in the NEWS file.

2003, June 05

The web site has been fixed and we hope to release 0.2 soon.

2003, April 11: Release!

Version 0.1 of Passepartout is released!

Using gtkmm 2.2.x and libxml++ 0.18.0. A standards-compliant C++ compiler (e.g. gcc 3.2) is required More information in the NEWS file

2002, November 22: Release!

The initial release - Passepartout 0.0

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