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olá "amores"!!

Just to say "Hi", thank you all for everything, I miss being there...

I also want that address from the pictures (fotos, or whatever!!) from 
Aurelian. João: Don't you think I deserve it?? Vá lá, Vá lá... por favor, 
por favor...

I'm in a hurry to get everything ready on time to leave for Germany... I'm 
going in less than 5 days... and I'll be there for 6 months before I come 
back again, there's a lot to say good bye to!
As soon as I get there I'll try to E-mail all of you more frequently... 
That's a promisse (I promisse that I'll TRY!!).

Ana Edebo... I'll be waiting for you during your Interrail, O.K.? Say 

Now I noticed how much I miss you all...
  Keep in touch!             Love,
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