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Pictures on the net!!

Hola todo amigos de mio!!

How are you all doing?
I hope just fine, not sad because of the emptiness, after been surounded with lots of people all the time. I know the feeling.
It's a pitty i didn't meet you more then I did. Well, maybe you people are only happy because of that, but I liked this group a lot.I have to go to bed now to get some sleep (early lessons tomorow) so i should be short.
I just want to tell you that i have put up some pictures on the net.
go in to the folder called SC2000.

I haven't got the permission for some of the pictures but i hope it is OK anyway. If there is any picture you want to get rid of, just write me.
One of my favourites is "mia in bed" :)

See you all!!