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Re: HELLO!!! Dormir demais faz mal

Hej, Ciao, Szia...

My time to fill your inboxes and say you were a cool bunch of kids. I
was not "big mama" this year, but close ;-) Even an organiser feels
relieved to be able to be late, skip the cleaning up and deciding the
next minute activites just on the spot. Even Swedes are human you know

>Dormir demais faz mal = Sleeping too much is harmfull
>What are you all doing, my good friends?

Not sleeping, that's for sure :-)

>Ye poor organizers, tired of washing, waking, planning, nagging :) and
>organizing, how do you feel after having accomplished your mission?

C'mon that was easy! The worst was to try to beat those horrible
Iberians winning by cheating (in tune - pah- horrible!). We will never,
ever forgive you!

>Tell us, aching with sorrow? Dying for the next BEST event where you
>actually select 12 spaniards? Or just thanking god for NOT having party
>every night and actually being able to have peaceful, common lives?

I'm already looking forward for the next, gorgeous event. Imagine
planning stuff not even in your home country. I can see Frederiks and
Allans warm feelings they must have had!

>Thank you foreign legion, Allan te faci un cullo cosi!, Frederick the
>chocolate mousse master, BEST international board and the crazy
>roumanians who introduced us to that institution of BEST which is:
>PALINKA! It's horrible: smells bad, tastes worse but still I miss it...
>look at what BEST makes out of healthy people!

I'm just unable to write... laughing my head of. Is this classified info
or can we use it in commercial for BEST? Obrigada Joao for a nice input
in the discussion on what BEST is and what we can offer!

This evening was a mess due to my cold some of you gave me, almost
missing the last train home, not being able to know stuff about
Stockholm I "had to" tell the president of a Canadian student
association that was here, it's getting cold and windy + the work I
happened to put on myself is just too much. Why did I have to show my
face to that professor in my faculty who dragged me into having to do
(horrible thought) some action on school work. Stupid me!

>For sure. Tu e brave, na zdrovje?, avec zlowovidza on peut alltag
>unos con nosotros machen. Malaka? Kurva? Yes! Takk sa myket!

Oh, we have a poet here ;-)

>About the pictures of Aurelian: he gave the address but he told not to
>pass it around much. Do you think you're worthy of knowing it?

Hello, hey! If we, oh lost souls floating on the ocean, are not worthy
of this info, then who is?

>Ana Hakanson, my angelkeeper, to know one's angel's name is not the end
>the game, is more like the beginning of it.

I hope you knew my name from the first day we met. I'm sorry to say I
didn't know yours, but I saved you from being in my pocket on that note
until eternity (or until yesterday when all clothes were washed).
Anna-Karin and Aurelian had a tough competition. After all, I can take
care of them all the time. I offered for example Aurelian 7kr to get the
better lunch today. Isn't that something?

Take care of yourselves, and Mia, don't be sorry to have an empty inbox.
People will start to send you postcards from their hometowns instead.
It's not as effective, but soooo much more original.

Kisses and ....more kisses and even - for those who prefer - hugs!