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I miss forests!

Dear friends,
where are all the nice people I met in Sweden? I always read letters 
from the same friends but I miss someone... 
WHERE IS FLORIN!!! And the "balena" to save?
Where is Sofia the girl with always smiling eyes ?
Antonios after your foot did you break even your fingers? that's 
probably why you can't type anymore?
Anyway... let's speak about me:
I'm still going on having interviews, I'm waiting for some results from 
FIAT so I can sleep all the day long ...and party during the night! 
This is a very hard life my friends! Until I will have a job I can live 
very easily!!! Dear Joao it is not true that everyone of us is busy... 
there is someone who is not doing anything (like every good and 
respectable Italian guy) and who is thinking about you students!
I applied for a job in a marvellous company there in Sweden but I'm 
waitin for a reply (someone of you knows it...).
My unknown future makes me really excited so I can't sleep more than 15 
hours per day! What should I do? If someone of you has an idea about a 
possible solution, please give me an help!!!
I miss all of you and I still go on wishing in a possible meeting! I do 
really miss all my Spanish friends, Rodrigo we slept together, how 
could you forget me? Pablo are you alive? if yes (and if you 
are "pound"-libre=free) use your fucking PC to write s.t. about you!
A great kiss to all the nice girls coming from all the nations (who 
partecipated or organized the BEST event) that make me feel happy just 
looking to their beauty! I miss your smile and your curves!
A big "skol" to the rest of the group!