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	Europe. It is nice to have friends on an entire
	Finally, I can write to you. Things were developed
very fast for my after my arrival from the course:
job, job and again job.
	Yes, I was extremely busy and I remained astonished
finding so many emails from you.
 Anyway, I had enough time to think about the
marvellous days spent in Sweden with special people
like you.
	Here in Romania is a warm autumn.
	I want to send you all salutations and all my best.
Especially to my former roommates: Rodrigo, Gianluca,
Juao how were real pals.
-Allan, the Danish with a Latin hart: you are a spot
of warmness between the Nordic people.
-Rodrigo just be yourself -you are a nice person
wherever you are. It was a pleaser for me to meet you.
-Ana you represented the beauty of Spain in Sweden.
-Sophia keep smiling and Greece will be more shiny!
-Gianluca, you naughty boy, haw are you? I will
contact you as soon as possible.
-Raquel you are like a burning torch -keep speeding
your passion!
	I want to apologise to all I was not mentioned but is
getting very late and I am very tired. I promise to be
back with another mails. 

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