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I am in forestry business now :-)

Hello everybody!

I have been accepted as a trainee at the StoraEnso company. I will work for
them from the 3rd of september this year. It is all thanks to you guys who
made me a little extra interested in this type of industry. 

The place I will move to is called Norrsundet and is situated 35 km north
from Gävle, which is in the middle of Sweden but considered to be "the
north." The plant I will work at makes "Kraft" paper which means that they
produce extra long fibres in paper pulp. What is maybe most interesting is
that they will soon change their two-line system to a one-line system which
puts me in to a very interesting situation as this means a lot of planning,
organisation and money. 

Nice to hear from you, and cool that you are still using the list. Hope that
we can keep it alive for a long time.

I will stay in Prague for a week this summer. I can't make a interrail
jorney this summer, there is no time to finish my final thesis before
starting the work then. But if any of you are around Prague area during 20th
of July to 27th, please tell me, I invite you for a coffee :-)