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Re: from Bratislava

this is Andrea speaking.

It is very nice to see, that the mailinglist is
living. Ok, it is not very active life, but thanks
some "contributors" it survives. So, I'd like to help
it - to achieve the first anniversary :), time when
I've met you, nice people.
My main contibution is to let you know, that 
It is wonderful feeling, some of you knows it (despite
the little headache after party:)).
For the rest, who is striving yet with exams, I wish
If you've decided to take a little leisure of study
and books and refresh your mind by checking emails,
I'll write a cute little joke. I am not used to send
jokes, but that one is nice and stupid together. So,
let's start:

A miss crow has been sitting on the branch of tree, to
let show her beauties. A sparrow has flown around.
After she saw him, asked: And who you are? 
The sparrow didn't want to make him ashamed, so he
answered: I am an EAGLE. 
- So small?
- I've been very ill.

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