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Re: MIT Interoperability (Was: Re: Is Heimdal thread safe?)

> Mark Murray <mark@grondar.za> writes:
> > In the meanwhile, how are you guys doing on possibly breaking
> > libroken, libdes and com_err away from Heimdal and Krb? :-)
> I've something that's `working' for libroken, but there are still some
> issues to look at, like print_version.  libdes and libcom_err I'm
> sorry to say that I haven't started looking at, but they're smaller so
> it should be simpler breaking them up.

want some help? I'm sure I can get libdes done in a hurry. We really
ought to go back to EAY's original libdes and backport any of your
fixes to that. There have been some important comment changes there
WRT folks' email addresses.

Mark Murray
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