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Re: MIT Interoperability (Was: Re: Is Heimdal thread safe?)

mark> > Mark Murray <mark@grondar.za> writes:
mark> > > In the meanwhile, how are you guys doing on possibly breaking
mark> > > libroken, libdes and com_err away from Heimdal and Krb? :-)
mark> > 
mark> > I've something that's `working' for libroken, but there are still some
mark> > issues to look at, like print_version.  libdes and libcom_err I'm
mark> > sorry to say that I haven't started looking at, but they're smaller so
mark> > it should be simpler breaking them up.
mark> want some help? I'm sure I can get libdes done in a hurry. We really
mark> ought to go back to EAY's original libdes and backport any of your
mark> fixes to that. There have been some important comment changes there
mark> WRT folks' email addresses.

It would be nice if such fixes could also be sent to the OpenSSL team
(appropriate mailing list is openssl-dev@openssl.org).  Also, some
changes have been made to the libdes part of OpenSSL as well, perhaps
something that is of interest for heimdal?

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