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binary contribs

Hi !

My name´s Mike. I´m a newbie user in encryption. Looking for a free Kerberos
5  implementaion I found your great work and appreciate it very much !

To check it out in our test environment (dec3000/175MHz, linux x86/166MHz,
sparc20, hp9000/712, ibm rs6000/220, win2k, winNT4) I downloaded the
OSFv4.0-binary twice with deflate-error

unexpected EOF.

If somebody point me to an archive on the web containing binaries for OSF1
V4.0d, Solaris 2.6, HPUX 10.20 and maybe AIX 3.2.4 or 4.2/3 I´d surely owe
him/her a beer - if ever appearing in the South of Germany. No fuzz !


Keep coding that great stuff !