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Re: binary contribs

"Severloh, Michael" <Michael.Severloh@nexus-ag.de> writes:
> My name´s Mike. I´m a newbie user in encryption. Looking for a free Kerberos
> 5  implementaion I found your great work and appreciate it very much !

You're welcome.

> To check it out in our test environment (dec3000/175MHz, linux x86/166MHz,
> sparc20, hp9000/712, ibm rs6000/220, win2k, winNT4) I downloaded the
> OSFv4.0-binary twice with deflate-error

Where did you find this binary?  If it's the one from
it did unpack fine when I tried it.

Those are contributed by Leif Johansson, who also receives this mail.

Are you sure you did download it in binary and not ascii mode?