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more issues

Several issues:

1) In order to have a libcom_err compatible with AFS lib/com_err/com_err.c

void add_to_error_table(struct et_list *add) {
  struct et_list *et = _et_list;

  while (et) {
      if (et->table->base == add->table->base)
      et = et->next;

  add->next = _et_list;
  _et_list = add;

2) I have an application which needs both Heimdal and OpenSSL; OpenSSL
libcrypto and Heimdal libdes try to provide some of the same things; The
des stuff is conflicting. For now I'm dealing by modifying the libcrypto
to not include the duplicated stuff, but that's not a good general way to
solve the problem. Suggestions?

3) setup.texi says:
You should already have @samp{iprop/tcp} defined as 212, in your
services.append says:
iprop               2121/tcp           # incremental propagation

4) We have a large number of machines in domains other than
andrew.cmu.edu; Any suggestions for easing the short to long instance
translation burden, other than having a huge translation table? If the
hosts were expected to be stagnant it would be easier to handle; Can't
reasonably use dns to fix the problem in the kdc, either.