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Re: more issues

From: Derrick J Brashear <shadow@dementia.org>

shadow> 2) I have an application which needs both Heimdal and OpenSSL;
shadow> OpenSSL libcrypto and Heimdal libdes try to provide some of
shadow> the same things; The des stuff is conflicting. For now I'm
shadow> dealing by modifying the libcrypto to not include the
shadow> duplicated stuff, but that's not a good general way to solve
shadow> the problem. Suggestions?

libdes is originally Eric Young's libdes, right?  The DES
implementation in OpenSSL is also originally libdes, so my question
is: what things are different today?  One possiblity is to have
Heimdal optionally link with libcrypto, discarding the Heimdal libdes.
If such a move requires some additions to OpenSSL, I'm willing to take
a look at it.

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