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Re: more issues

Richard Levitte - VMS Whacker <levitte@stacken.kth.se> writes:

> From: Derrick J Brashear <shadow@dementia.org>
> shadow> 2) I have an application which needs both Heimdal and OpenSSL;
> shadow> OpenSSL libcrypto and Heimdal libdes try to provide some of
> shadow> the same things; The des stuff is conflicting. For now I'm
> shadow> dealing by modifying the libcrypto to not include the
> shadow> duplicated stuff, but that's not a good general way to solve
> shadow> the problem. Suggestions?
> libdes is originally Eric Young's libdes, right?  The DES
> implementation in OpenSSL is also originally libdes, so my question
> is: what things are different today?  One possiblity is to have
> Heimdal optionally link with libcrypto, discarding the Heimdal libdes.
> If such a move requires some additions to OpenSSL, I'm willing to take
> a look at it.

As I understand it Heimdal today can link against libcrypto that is part of
OpenSSL. That is how its supposed to work with NetBSD.

Today it seems like all heimdal stuff depends hard on their own libdes,
maybe all that is needed is more autoconf/automake magic from Assar.