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Re: roken merge

Brian May <bmay@csse.monash.edu.au> writes:

> I hope that one day in the future (and some of this is already be the
> long term plan), that the "shared" shared libraries (eg com_err, des,
> editline, roken, sl?, otp?) between the following applications:
> - heimdal
> - kerberos4kth
> - MIT kerberos
> - arla
> + any others that I might have missed, or future applications
> that haven't been written yet.
> can be standardised (perhaps with the help of openssl) and distributed
> separately.

All of the above libs is already shared between heimdal and kth-krb.  arla
is slowly beeing working toward that goal. I have made changed to libroken
that never have been merged back since they never worked that well.

That is the part of the problem.

> It would also make source code to each of this applications smaller
> and easier to manage. eg consider how much simpler Heimdal's configure
> script would be if it didn't have to process lib/roken/roken.h.in, but
> could instead rely on an installed copy of roken.h, with the constants
> already defined.

There is already a ``stand-alone'' libroken. We use it in our zephyr
version we use at stacken. Assar should know more about this.

Editline is just a replacement for readline (with a bsd licence), if you
have readline, editline is not needed.

> Having theses "shared" libraries separate would very much help with
> packaging these programs (eg for Debian) in such a way that they can
> be installed simultaneously. (I don't have time at the moment to go
> into the details as to why this is the case).

I see your problem, we are trying to solve it. But it wont happen today.
We need a afs command line parser that is good (cmd isn't really that
good). And the when all code is changed to this a new libroken can be
brought in.