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Re: Linux PAM kerberos module

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Kociolek <joko@logidee.com> writes:

    Joel> I've completly rewritten my patch for Frank Cusack's pam
    Joel> kerberos module. It is now heavily based on the FreeBSD
    Joel> ports version.

    Joel> It should work with heimdal 0.3c patched with the patch I
    Joel> sent in my previous mail to the list.

    Joel> Both patches are available at
    Joel> http://ns1.logidee.com/~joko/heimdal/

Wow! It works. At least with login, I still have to test gdm.

Something is funny about using it with ssh (ssh just closes the
connection even though everything worked OK), but then again you
probably shouldn't be using this with ssh either.

    Joel> I've also added Debian support files to be able to build a
    Joel> Debian package of the module (I'm not a Debian developper,
    Joel> so it is pretty rough).

I have made some changes and will upload the result to Debian woody

    Joel> And while I'm at it, I would like to thank all the heimdal
    Joel> developpers as well as Frank Cusack for their great work.

Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>