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Re: heimdal and OpenSSL

Being a maintainer which makes use of MD5, SHA1, DES,
and various other crypt codes, here's my 2 cents worth.

Heimdal should either:
	1) provide the routines it needs within ITS name space
	(to avoid clashing with other implementations),
	2) use available headers/routines, or
	3) both (1 if no 2 is available)

For an application which makes significant use of these
routines, I'd recommend option 3 as it allows the application
to take advantage of optimized routines for the platform but
providing own routines (in own namespace) where the platform
lacks the needed routines.

I would love to see -ldes go away (or minimally not clash with
other libraries providing same functionality).  That would be
one less library we'd have to untangle when linking applications
with OpenLDAP, Cyrus SASL, Heimdal, ....