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Re: Unknown errors

On 13 Jan 2002, Sam Hartman wrote:

>     >> The unknown error bignum you're seeing is a com_err code.  The
>     >> fact that the error is unknown suggests a build problem with
>     >> your Heimdal or PAM module.
>     Matthew> It's all Debian packages, without any rebuilds.  I get
>     Matthew> quite a few Unknown Errors in the logs for pam_krb5
>     Matthew> (Heimdal edition), I just live with them.  One which I
>     Matthew> get frequently, but which doesn't seem to break anything,
>     Matthew> is
> OK, so find a specific easy to reproduce problem that gives you an
> unknown error and file a bug.  Even if it is not significantly
> annoying you it is probably something that annoys others.

Hardly a problem getting a bug report - just put pam_krb5 into the system,
run it in debug mode, and the error appears.  I get it every time.

Anyway, the bug is reported.

> I suspect that Heimdal has its own com_err and that pam_krb5 is
> getting error_message from the wrong module.

Heimdal does indeed have it's own libcom_err, but pam_krb5.so is pointing at
the right one - e2fsprogs' version is .so.2, while Heimdal's is .so.1.  I
don't think that's the problem.

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Matthew Palmer