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Re: Kerberos + PHP


It does authentication for recent PHP systems using the 4.x extension 

It was designed for MIT kerberos and I get a segfault from the verify 
function called in it from Heimdal.  I am not sure what the deal is, but 
it can't find /etc/krb5.conf for some reason I think.  Anyway, I have a 
patch against it that fixes it by using another call in Heimdal.  If you 
have that problem let me know, I will give you the patch.

Also, I have a newer version of it I have made, but not tested that 
adds/deletes users/changes passwords/adds local realms.  I am still 
testing it for a new project.

-Chris Hamilton

Jerome Walter wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>I am not sure this is the best place to find the info, but i have to try :
>Do you know any mean to authenticate someone in a PHP application through a
>Kerberos server ? We have an existing Kerberos server having the
>authentication info for users who are inside our university network
>(physically speaking, there is no VPN). We would like to offer some services
>(webmail and webnews to start, plus some info requiring authentication of
>user) to students through an intranet application.
>have you ever have experience of a way to use the information stored in the
>Kerberos KDC for such an application ? If it is not directly possible, do you
>know a mean to circumvent this ?
>Thank you for your help,
>Sincerely yours,
>Jerome Walter