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RE: how to achieve what kinit does programmatically?

At 4:23 PM -0700 5/29/03, <Kent_Wu@trendmicro.com> wrote:
>	Thx for your info and I'll download the package from MIT and 
>look into it. So is that true according to you this should be doable 
>as long as I've downloaded the complete headers, doc's and library 
>files from MIT?

If this is a MacOS X client then the headers and libraries are 
already there (at least if you installed the developer tools).  Only 
the doc's are missing.

>	BTW, I did enable the kerberos authentication with windows 
>ADS(active directory service) by using SUN GSS-API and LDAP SDK, 
>however as you said, I need to get TGT beforehand by using kinit. 
>Right now I tried to do this part programmatically then here arose 
>the issue.

Hmmm.  Did I skim over something I shouldn't have?  I thought the 
client was a MacOS X box and you were trying to duplicate what you 
could do with a windows client.  I know next to nothing about 
windows.  If you look at the Heimdal installation docs there is a 
section on windows (non-)compatibility.  That's as much as I know on 
the subject.

Hope what I said was still applicable.
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