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Re: Incomplete documentation

Martin MOKREJŠ <mmokrejs@natur.cuni.cz> writes:

> On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Love wrote:
>> Martin MOKREJ? <mmokrejs@natur.cuni.cz> writes:
>> > On Wed, 17 Sep 2003, Martin MOKREJ? wrote:
>> >
>> > I seems everyone is either busy or doesn't know anwers to my questions ...
>> > and I have continuation already ... :)
>> mmmm, upgrading ssh.
> Well, the openssh people don't know much about krb4/5, so I have to ask
> here ... :)

I was busy upgradeing openssh and that the reson I didn't answered your

>> heimdal think it must use the same crypto lib as the krb4 stuff if compiled
>> with kerberos 4 support, it will refuse to use anything else.
> OK, then when krb4 was compiled without -lcrypto and heimdal's configure is
> also asked to configur ewithout -lcrypto, this check in configure doesn't
> make sense and maybe it's clear then why "-lcrypto" is missing on the link
> line. But why does it test for AES when it's present only in -lcrypto ...?

Because of historicals reasons.

>> yes, current heimdal requires openssl>=0.9.7, and there is not released
>> kth-krb4 that can handle that.
> Oh, finally I hear it.
> But why heimdal cannot get compiled without -lcrypto when -lcrypto was also
> not used for krb4 build ... I don't understand.
> That means I have to use openssl-0.9.6 right and build krb4 and heimdal
> against it?

Yes, that would work if you used heimdal 0.6 or a 0.6 snapshot. 0.9.6
doesn't have AES support, so it won't work for current snapshots.

If some day kth-krb-1.3 was relased it could be used with 0.9.7...


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