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Re: KDC not found even after connection was made

David Komanek <xdavid@lib-eth.natur.cuni.cz> writes:

> [ktutil]
>         dns_lookup_realm = false
>         dns_lookup_kdc = false

These should go in the [libdefaults] section. With this flag off, it
still looks for kerberos.realm (but not for SRV records); we should
probably change this.

>         kdc = e.f.g.h

And this should go in [realms]. See krb5.conf(5).

You might need an "admin_server = host" there also.

        YOUR.REALM = {
                kdc = e.f.g.h
                admin_server = e.f.g.h  <-- if this is correct

> Could be the problem different architecture (littleendian/bigendian)
> of both machines?


> Or the ssl version used (master - internal functions of heimdal,
> slave - openssl 0.9.7c) ?

Not very likely.