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Re: krb4 ticket not accepted

Subject: Re: krb4 ticket not accepted Date: Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 01:17:26PM +0100 Quoting Martin MOKREJ? (mmokrejs@natur.cuni.cz):

> > > BTW: Heimdal's telnetd manpage does not list the $HOME/.k5login.
> >
> > It doesn't list ~/.klogin either.
> Sure, but is .k5login listed at least somewhere else in manpages?

No, not as far as I can tell. There are a lot of fixes to the documentation
in 0.7, due any year now, my sources say.  ;-) 

I'd read through the man pages and docs in the snapshots and send text, 
if I have something to add. 

Johan/Love: Any news on 0.7? 
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