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Re: References/Testimonials for Heimdal

I belive you might want to go ask in the samba community as well.

I belive Heimdal is reasonably popular among samba users.

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From: "Henry B. Hotz"
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 11:57 AM
Subject: References/Testimonials for Heimdal

> I have an action item from the review of my kaserver to Kerb5 upgrade
> Because of the relative youth of Heimdal I've been asked to find some
> institutions that are actually using Heimdal in production.  JPL has
> about 12,000 principals in its database currently.  Almost none of
> them are service principals, and a relatively large fraction of them
> are people who have left.
> Obviously there's KTH itself as an example.  I believe their size is
> comparable to ours.
> Anybody else?
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