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Re: References/Testimonials for Heimdal

> Because of the relative youth of Heimdal (...)

Started 1997. Used since ~2000. Time flies like an arrow...

> Obviously there's KTH itself as an example.  I believe their size is 
> comparable to ours.

There are several realms at KTH, for example:

NADA.KTH.SE: 15k users
E.KTH.SE: 5k users
KTH.SE: superset of above
STACKEN.KTH.SE: 700 users but picky ones ;-)

Then we have Stockholm University, SU.SE which should be somewhere in
the 10-30k range.

What more can I say? I runs on whatever hand down hardware and answers
fast anyway. Some of the features are - uhm - stealth. We do not have
any marketing departmemt.