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Re: map/alias username

On Tuesday 11 May 2004 16:59, you wrote:
> Not at present. There's talk of something called referrals, where in
> principle you could supply your email address (or something else), and
> have the KDC look that up and transform it into a real principal. This
> could in theory be used to map usernames.

Nice. Do you know where I could fins some info about this ?
Or is it still in a non-working phase ?

> One other way to do this is to have login (or xdm or whatever you use)
> do the mapping.

Well, most of my users are virtuals... (they just need to login in their cyrus 

> Why do you want different names in passwd and kerberos?

Well, I have users that connect to a webmail system and that have several 
email addresses. When they log in using their regular username, it works fine 
(cyrus authenticated via kerberos), but I don't want to set up one account 
per email address in a sense that if a user wants to check its 5 mailboxes, I 
would have to create 5 accounts/passwords in kerberos.

> If you add user02 to user01's .k5login, user02 may (for instance)
> telnet into a machine as user01, but this is probably not what you
> wanted.

Nope, but thanks.