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Re: Problem between versions 0.6-67 and 0.6-159 on SuSE

"Scott Simpson" <ssimpson@visionsolutions.com> writes:

> 2004-05-21T13:32:00 TGS-REQ ssimpson@VISIONSOLUTIONS.COM from
> IPv4: for host/vu15.visionsolutions.com@VISIONSOLUTIONS.COM
> 2004-05-21T13:32:00 Decoding transited encoding: KDC policy rejects
> request
> 2004-05-21T13:32:00 sending 161 bytes to IPv4:

Strange. The KDC apparently fails to decode the realm transit info
embedded in the ticket. Now the interesting questions are what's wrong
with it, and why is it there in the first place?

I would only expect there to be any transit info if this was a
cross-realm request, but that seems unlikely since the client and
server realm obviously are the same.

Anyway, someone else will have to help you with this, as I'm going
away for the next week.