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Re: Problem between versions 0.6-67 and 0.6-159 on SuSE

"Scott Simpson" <ssimpson@visionsolutions.com> writes:

> The log says
> 2004-05-21T13:32:00 TGS-REQ ssimpson@VISIONSOLUTIONS.COM from
> IPv4: for host/vu15.visionsolutions.com@VISIONSOLUTIONS.COM
> 2004-05-21T13:32:00 Decoding transited encoding: KDC policy rejects
> request
> 2004-05-21T13:32:00 sending 161 bytes to IPv4:
> Do you think it is having trouble decoding the packet that comes across?
> I tried without forwardable tickets (the -F flag) and I got the same
> behavior. Thanks.

Can you try building a heimdal 0.6.2 kdc and see if you still have the
problem with that code or it was just a merge error from SuSE when they
included the change.


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