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Re: Heimdal/OpenLDAP/Samba howto and bugreport

On Sat, 2004-06-05 at 04:54, GĂ©mes GĂ©za wrote:
> Tarjei Huse Ă­rta:

> >setting ldap:o=skool as the searchdn will find both students and
> >teachers.
> >
> >Tarjei
> >  
> >
> Is the same true for
> hdb-ldap-create-base
> too?
> Thanks
> Geza

Heimdal is not a user administration tool.  It is a kerberos server, and
the reason you are using OpenLDAP, is to allow other (more suitable)
tools to be your user administration tools.  

So, the answer is to simply create your users with some other tool, and
have heimdal set kerberos keys on the existing entry.  The
hdb-ldap-create-base should perhaps never be used - but for things like
a 'init MY.REALM' in kadmin -l, it's useful to put these somewhere other
than the root.  

Andrew Bartlett

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