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kadmin getting incorrect domain name.

This happened after I changed the local domain name from abc.com to 
xyz.com for example.

Since the internal Kerberos machine is reinstalled, this problem is not 
happened in the Kerberos server.
This problem only happened in another host which wants to participate in 
the Realm which has the new Realm with new domain xyz.com.

I copied the krb5.conf file from the Kerberos server to the remotehost, 
then I use kadmin extract the host/sec.xyz.com. principal into the 
keytabs in the remotehost, but this remotehost complained abc.com (the 
old domain) is not found, eg:
root@sec [12:52pm] [/var/db]# kadmin
kadmin> ext -k /etc/krb5.keytab host/sec.abc.com
kadmin: connect(kerberos.abc.com): Connection refused
kadmin: failed to contact kerberos.rock.com
kadmin: ext host/sec.xyz.com: Operation failed for unspecified reason
why kadmin is still using the old domain name?
I have changed the dns configuration, and did a grep to all 
configuraiton files to make sure the old domain name is not exist.