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Re: Time to Display My Ignorance, or What Is This Packet Anyway?

"Henry B. Hotz" <hotz@jpl.nasa.gov> writes:

> But the packet I captured doesn't look anything like the K4 auth
> request from an MIT/Sun K4 client!  Could it be doing an AS-REQ
> directly for the afs service ticket instead of for krbtgt?
> In any case could I trouble you to look for that patch?  (Or tell me
> how to Google for it?)
> JPL has a service contract with Transarc and is still using it's
> clients on the Sun and Windows platforms.  We're hiring Jeffrey Altman
> next FY to package the Windows client for our environment.  In the
> mean  time I need to support what we've got or I can't complete our
> transition.

So there is a patch, now that I remember who wrote it.


That solved the problem for us/them, its kind of strange how it works
though. It makes the code accept the broken request, detect the error in
the patch (not version 4), and send back an error. This will make the
client try again, this time, it send a correct packet.

At least that is how Mattias and I rememeber how it worked.

Good luck,

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