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Re: Time to Display My Ignorance, or What Is This Packet Anyway?

See my other email with my patch.

JPL's email system is messed up now.  I never got this message.  I'm  
only seeing it  because it came to me on the list.  Grrr.  |-(

Please send reply's to my home email until I get this fixed.

On Sep 16, 2004, at 4:52 AM, Love wrote:

> "Henry B. Hotz" <hotz@jpl.nasa.gov> writes:
>> But the packet I captured doesn't look anything like the K4 auth
>> request from an MIT/Sun K4 client!  Could it be doing an AS-REQ
>> directly for the afs service ticket instead of for krbtgt?
>> In any case could I trouble you to look for that patch?  (Or tell me
>> how to Google for it?)
>> JPL has a service contract with Transarc and is still using it's
>> clients on the Sun and Windows platforms.  We're hiring Jeffrey Altman
>> next FY to package the Windows client for our environment.  In the
>> mean  time I need to support what we've got or I can't complete our
>> transition.
> So there is a patch, now that I remember who wrote it.
> http://www.e.kth.se/~mattiasa/patches/heimdal/4_decode.patch
> That solved the problem for us/them, its kind of strange how it works
> though. It makes the code accept the broken request, detect the error  
> in
> the patch (not version 4), and send back an error. This will make the
> client try again, this time, it send a correct packet.
> At least that is how Mattias and I rememeber how it worked.
> Good luck,
> Love
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