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Re: multi-mechanism gssapi

Luke Howard wrote:
>> NCSA has a mechglue that addresses some of the same problems.
>> http://grid.ncsa.uiuc.edu/gssapi-mechglue/
> A quick look at the code suggests that it isn't thread-safe,
> though, because it uses a global variable to check for
> reentrancy.
> Love: any thoughts on mechglue in Heimdal? 

Mechglue does not belong *in* Heimdal, or any GSS implementation,
It needs to be separate. But all the mechanisms need to be aware
that they may be called by a mechglue.

If the problem is thread safty, maybe the NCSA version could be reworked.

The reentrancy problem is related to the original problem you where
having of the wrong gss_* routing being called vis the internal

> I know we've discussed
> it before. I might have some time to work on this soon, particularly
> to fix up Heimdal's SPNEGO support. The lack of separate mechanism
> contexts is making implementing RFC 2478bis a bit tricky. And we
> also have a couple of other (private) mechanisms that would be nice
> to separate out of a big switch statement.
> -- Luke
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