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Re: Problems with unified heimdal/samba domain

"James F.  Hranicky" <jfh@cise.ufl.edu> writes:

>> note the nibble order. I think Heimdal does the wrong order right now.
> I get this:
> 	AC8E657F83DF82BEEA5D43BDAF7800CC
> FWIW, this is on Linux x86, not FreeBSD -- I switched architectures to see 
> if that turned up any other bugs.
> kinit still works using the password set via smbpasswd.

Thanks, then it was as I suspected. I checked in a fix for that yestoday
night, and that should have been in todays snapshot.

I've yet to add regression testing for the hdb stuff so the ldap stuff goes
untested, I guess I should.


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